Northwest NEWS

October 11, 1999

Local News

Moorhead drops Fire District grievance

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--Former Woodinville firefighter George Moorhead has withdrawn his grievance against the Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District.

   Moorhead was fired after the state revoked his driver's license following an off-duty traffic accident on June 14, 1997, in which he ran a stop sign in the Renton Highlands. His truck struck another car, killing three men.

   "He withdrew his grievance, and we don't anticipate any further action," said Deputy Chief Dominic Marzano. "Our contention is that all our employees need to drive, as we are not a large fire district."

   As part of Moorhead's agreement to drop the grievance, the fire district agreed to negotiate with their union to arrive at a clear set of rules for cases in which a firefighter loses state driving privileges, said Marzano.

   Morehead currently works as a Bellevue realty agent, on work release from the King County Jail, under terms of his one-year sentence. Work release requires inmates to return from their day jobs to spend nights in the jail. Firefighters are required to work around-the-clock shifts for several days on end.