Northwest NEWS

October 11, 1999


Promise Scholarships awarded

   Rep. Laura Ruderman, D-Kirkland, joined Gov. Gary Locke at a ceremony recently to hand out the first-ever Promise Scholarships to freshmen entering the Unversity of Washington.

   "I'm proud that we are rewarding the hard work and academic achievements of our students," said Rep. Ruderman, a key supporter of the Promise Scholarship program, which provides guaranteed scholarships to the top ten percent of graduating seniors from every high school in the state. Next year, the top 15 percent of high school graduates will be eligible for Promise Scholarships.

   "These scholarships are aimed at bright students who get good grades, yet have trouble paying for college," said Ruderman. "It's for kids caught in a Catch-22: their family makes too much to qualify for financial aid, but not enough to pay for tuition, room, and board."

   This year, each scholarship winner received a $1,125 grant. Students will receive up to $3,000 over two years, with the actual amount depending upon how many students are awarded scholarships each year.

   It is estimated that up to 2,300 students will receive Promise Scholarships this year. To qualify, students' families should have an income of less than $58,400 for a family of three.

   Students interested in applying for promise scholarships next year can get more information from the Higher Education Coordinating Board through their website at, or by calling 360-753-7800.