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October 11, 1999

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LDS youths add picket fence to Dougherty house

by Don Williams, Duvall Historical Society president

   DUVALL—People driving past the Dougherty house on Cherry Valley Road these days have probably noticed a change.

   Twenty young men and women from the Duvall Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, along with eight to 10 adults, donated the afternoon of September 28 installing the white picket fence now standing in front of and along the west side of the house.

   Ward member Jim Byer supervised the work. Finishing touches are being provided by Byer and Pat and Patty Andrus.

   The Duvall Historical Society is currently in the process of remodeling the old farmhouse into a museum. The house is in the finishing stages, the next step being the installation of drywall on some of the surfaces that have deteriorated. Water, heat, and electricity have recently been installed. Another goal is to protect the bunkhouse behind the house with tarps in order to keep it from deteriorating further.

   The historical society hopes to have the museum open some time next year. Plans are to use period furnishings to make it look like it did when the Dougherty family lived there. Funding for renovating the house comes primarily from the King County Office of Cultural Affairs.