Northwest NEWS

October 18, 1999


Left-wing extremists don't think you can handle more money

   Well, it didn't take long for the left-wing media to bare its fearful face on the issue of I-695. They assure us the possibility of its passage will usher in such frightening calamities and impending disasters that the Y2K problem will be a rained-out picnic by comparison. All sorts of vital services are being threatened by the government to be terminated, and it appears most of us will be lucky to survive the year. I suppose the government regards terminated services a better alternative than thinning the ranks of excess government employees.

   It is not surprising to see such a media assault, given the polls in 1996 showing that over 90 percent of the media voted for Clinton. Thankfully, only 49 percent of the public did. It is surprising, however, that a community newspaper like our own Weekly feels compelled to present such a one-sided viewpoint.

   A week ago, we were told how the County was bracing itself against the chance that people may prefer to have less of their earnings taken by the government. Last week we got another lengthy front page article all about a Republican who's against the measure and its woeful portents. I guess the staff writer wasn't able to find any Republicans for it. That does seem odd, however, given that a majority of them support the measure.

   Brace yourselves, fellow citizens, not only for the continued negative PR campaign of the media and other left-wing strongholds, but for the highly unusual fact that if I-695 passes, the government will be taking less of your money away from you.

   If this happens, you will have to brace yourself to figure out what to do with it. The left-wing extremists in government and the private sector don't think you can handle that. They prefer to handle it for you and are sure they can use it more wisely than you. I know. I read it in the newspaper.

John Shephard, Woodinville