Northwest NEWS

October 18, 1999


Residents are appalled

   As a community member and resident on 80th Ave. SE, I am appalled and outraged that the county might consider a rezone which would allow Pacific Topsoil to bring its mess to our neighborhood.

   The article spoke mainly to the environmental impact to the wetlands feeding Cutthroat and Little Bear Creeks, and these impacts should be enough to disallow the re-zone. However, no mention was made of the additional truck traffic (approximately 1,200 additional trips on Maltby Road, according to the documents on file with the county) that will result.

   As it is, the traffic on Maltby Road is bad enough. My daughter goes to the new Hidden River School. Try driving across Hwy. 522 to or from this school at rush hour. Department of Transportation has flaggers at the intersection to get the school buses in and out. Backups at Maltby Rd. and Hwy. 9 frequently extend to 78th Ave. SE. These roads are at capacity now--1,200 more truck-trailer combos?

   Mr. Lindsay states in the article that Pacific Topsoil is "voluntarily moving from Mill Creek in deference to the high-density urban sprawl." I find this statement to be incredible, and I have difficulty believing it. It doesn't make sense. Why would Pacific Topsoil hire Mr. Lindsay and incur the huge expenses they have in order to move a thriving, clean, environmentally-friendly operation from a residential area in Mill Creek to another residential area in Maltby? Might there be more to this than Mr. Lindsay is saying?

   My neighbors and my family are not willing to stand idly by while this big business employs purse-string politics to encourage and convince Snohomish County officials to allow the residents' quality of life to be destroyed.

   Mr. Lindsay spoke briefly at the Planning Commission hearing, and the gist of what he said was that there is no reason to be concerned and that we are all misinformed--sort of a mass hallucination, I guess. I found his dismissive attitude to be rude and condescending. I wasn't, however, surprised by them.

   Many of my neighbors gave testimony at the Planning Commission hearing on Sept. 28, and the Planning Commission ultimately voted 6-1 to recommend that the County Council deny this rezone. We are waiting to hear how the Council acts on this recommendation. We are hoping that the right thing will be done.

Steve Daugherty, via e-mail