Northwest NEWS

October 18, 1999


Main concern is water rates

   I think now is the time for the ratepayers in the Woodinville Water District to fully understand the impact on negotiations regarding our water in the coming years. The most important item of all should be cost.

   We are being massaged for a 500 percent increase in our water rates. For example, a $50 bi-monthly water bill will become $250. This is to cover the costs of finding water sources and bringng those sources to our homes and businesses.

   When I ran for commissioner two years ago, I talked with approximately 2,000 residents who were mainly concerned about rate increases. I have seen no creativity in the Board's dealing with water issues. It seems ridiculous that we live in an area that has an average rainfall of 48 inches a year, yet we can't manage our water resources.

   The projects on the table now are regional and expensive. I am still waiting for the proposal to buy the Tolt water rights from Seattle. Why has this not been discussed? Let Seattle get an additional source of water. This is the type or creativity I hope for with our commissioners.

   I would also like to suggest that the results of the commissioners' meeting be published in the newsletter that comes with our statements.

   I find it ironic that new leadership positions were given to and advertised to the candidates for re-election.

Ronald G. Braun II, Woodinville