Northwest NEWS

October 18, 1999


Racer and car visit Woodinville

Rudd's race car

Earl Mewharter of Lake Roesiger inspected Rudd's race car at Top Foods.

by Darren Running

   Ricky Rudd, 1977 NASCAR Rookie of the Year, 1992 IROC Series Champion, and 1997 Brickyard 400 winner, brought the shell of his bright orange number 10 to town last week as part of a promotion for Tide detergent.

   Inside, the car has a 350-cubic-inch block that is capable of propelling it a top speed of 200mph. Its fiberglass shell covers a steel/aluminum frame constructed like a jigsaw puzzle that is made to break away on impact with a wall or another car. That way, if any section were damaged, it could easily be pulled away and fitted with a temporary replacement.