Northwest NEWS

October 25, 1999


Homecoming misunderstanding explained

   I am writing to clear up some confusion as to the events that happened at the Cedarcrest Homecoming ceremony on October 8, 1999. Unfortunately, due to the poor quality of the public address system, when the homecoming queen's name was announced, it came out sounding exactly like "Erin," when in actuality the announcer said "Adrienne."

   Erin Townsend was crowned homecoming queen, pictures and videos were taken, and she was led to believe that she was the queen for the remainder of the football game. To our dismay, as were walking out of the game, we were informed of the terrible mix-up. Unfortunately, Erin had left the game before us and we had to break the news to her ourselves upon returning home.

   Because the situation was not rectified during the game, the entire school body and everyone attending the football game went home thinking that Erin was the queen, instead of Adrienne. In the days to come, Erin had to go through the uncomfortable task of explaining this avoidable misunderstanding to all her family and peers, even though she was more than honored to be nominated and chosen as a senior princess.

   My reason for writing this is threefold: First, I would like to give Adrienne Blair the recognition she so justly deserves as being chosen the homecoming queen. (Also, congratulations to the king, Ryan Frey.)

   Second, we would like to express our gratitude to all of Erin's friends, teachers, and staff (both past and present) who have been so kind and supportive.

   On a final note, this situation would never have occurred if our school had an adequate facility with an adequate public address system. It is my wish that when the athletic fields are placed on the ballot again, you will think about this ordeal and vote "yes" for athletic facilities for Cedarcrest High School. Our children deserve it.

Julie Townsend, Duvall