Northwest NEWS

October 25, 1999


Short and simple on I-695

   I was going to write a long letter describing all the reasons that make I-695 a bad idea. Then I decided to borrow an idea from the folks who came up with I-695. I'm going to keep it short and simple. I can make it simple like I-695, but I can't promise you something for nothing like I-695 does.

   The simple part is that taxes in equals services out. If you pay less taxes, you get less services. There is some flexibility in this, of course, but not much. The state can postpone the pain, but only for a year if it spends our reserves. Is it wise to spend our rainy day fund on the artificial rainy day that I-695 will create? What happens after that?

   When you go to the polls, I have one request of you. Before you vote "yes" for I-695, ask yourself the question "...and then what?"

Don Brocha, Mayor, City of Woodinville