Northwest NEWS

October 25, 1999


More thoughts on the proposed Duvall Quarry

   I would like to thank the Seattle General Corporation for the legacy they are offering our children in the proposed Duvall Quarry. While the benefits are too numerous to count, here are some highlights for which I am particularly grateful:

   Education: Every kid loves big trucks. My children and grandchildren will observe heavy industry up close while we are sitting in 45-minute traffic snarls on the Duvall Bridge. (Oh, wait! The DOT has recommended that trucks not use that intersection because the skewed angle makes it unsafe. I wonder where they'll go instead?)

   Employment: My children will never want for work. Ample opportunities will exist for road maintenance personnel to repair and re-repair the Woodinville-Duvall Road, Highway 203, John McGee Road (which floods every year, anyway), 288th Ave. NE, Cherry Valley Road, etc., as they are damaged by 217 truck trips per day. And all this work will be local so they can be near me in my old age (when there are 544 truck trips a day!). Should my children choose a medical career, they will have more than enough asthma patients (rock dust) and traffic accident victims (that darned blind curve on 203) to maintain a healthy practice.

   Entertainment: Let's not forget the arts! The Gorge has nothing on the daily rock concerts that we will enjoy. Even sitting in school, our children and our children's children can experience the exciting background percussion of blasting and drilling. Each blast will be preceded by a warning horn--truly a musical feast! And not to worry: while sound levels will be slightly above the annoyance criterion for EPA standards, the blasting will not cause hearing loss!

   Slowed growth: We're all concerned about growth. The rock quarry may be our answer! Potential homebuyers will think twice about moving to Duvall. What's a little blasting, a little clearcutting, a little more rush hour traffic, if it keeps all those extra people in Bellevue or Seattle? Our grandchildren will enjoy a small (if somewhat injured) Duvall.

   Salmon Reduction Means Strong Families: What's all this environmentalist claptrap about endangered salmon? Hanstead Creek has a healthy fish population, and mitigation measures will absolutely, for-sure keep all the silt, rock dust, elevated water temperatures, and ground vibrations from bothering the fish. And if the mine does happen to decrease the salmon run, Dad will stay home with the kids instead of wasting his time fishing.

   Possible Recreation Someday: Let's not overlook the recreational potential of a spent rock pit. The Seattle General Corporation has suggested the land be used for a park with ball fields for our great-great grandchildren. Never mind that the ball fields would be at the base of an erosion hazard area that has been mined for 60 years. And, of course, our grandchildren will be designing and paying for said ball fields.

   So let's rally behind the Duvall Quarry. It will give so much while taking so little. Our valley will never be the same.

Katherine Bond, Duvall