Northwest NEWS

October 25, 1999


Letters to the Editor

Elimination of office space is shortsighted

Lake PointeThe decision of Lake Pointe to eliminate 100,000 square feet of office space from its development plan provides an unfortunate example of the problems with regulations and incentives in our community.

Homecoming misunderstanding explained

CHS homecomingI am writing to clear up some confusion as to the events that happened at the Cedarcrest Homecoming ceremony on October 8, 1999.

Short and simple on I-695

I-695I was going to write a long letter describing all the reasons that make I-695 a bad idea. I can make it simple like I-695, but I can't promise you something for nothing like I-695 does.

If I-695 passes, neither the world nor government will end

I-695I am in a very ironic position. I am writing to defend an initiative which I will be voting against, the initiative being I-695.

State voters are not dumb, they will respond intelligently

I-695I-695 will guarantee that no changes can be made in taxes without a vote of the electorate. Our state's voters are not stupid, and when given the opportunity, they will respond intelligently.

Initiative sends message to elected officials

I-695If our elected officials really listened to the people who elected them, then the people would not put such measures as I-695 on the ballot.

More thoughts on the proposed Duvall Quarry

Duvall QuarryI would like to thank the Seattle General Corporation for the proposed Duvall Quarry. While the benefits are too numerous to count, here are some highlights for which I am grateful...

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