Northwest NEWS

October 25, 1999


Three hundred balloons ask for homecoming date


Three hundred helium balloons and streamers with the girls' names on them flew over Inglemoor High School asking the question, "Will you go to homecoming with me?"

by Deborah Stone

   High school seniors these days can be quite creative in their approaches to asking for dates to homecoming. Methods range from sending flowers and pizzas, to putting up signs, all asking the same question, "Will you go with me to homecoming?"

   Three Inglemoor High School seniors, Adam Pritchett, Matt Walters, and Russ Dailey, thought long and hard to come up with an original idea to ask their girlfriends, Jamie Dorn, Charissa Thompson, and Jeni Clark, to the school's homecoming event.

   "We tossed around several ideas," says Pritchett, "such as getting an airplane to fly a sign over the school or shooting up the question in a laser show, but both were too expensive. Matt's mom finally came up with the idea to make a huge sign and attach helium balloons to it so it would float up in the air, but still be anchored to the ground."

   The boys painted just the word "Homecoming" followed by a question mark, and then put each of the girls' names on streamers that hung down off the sign. They used 300 helium balloons for their creation and put it in the middle of the high school's courtyard one morning. During second period, students usually go out into the courtyard to take a break, and the boys thought it would be a perfect time for the event to occur.

   "There were lots of kids hanging around and several of them knew what we had planned," adds Pritchett, "so they were all waiting for the girls to come out and see the sign. When they came out, they were so surprised and speechless. It was fun to see their expressions."

   "I was completely shocked," Jamie Dorn said. "When I came out, everyone was smiling at me and I knew something was up, but then when I saw what they had done, it was fabulous. It made my whole day, my whole week, and it tops everything I've had done to me in the past, in terms of being asked out. It certainly will be a highlight of my senior year."

   All three girls, of course, gave a resounding "yes" to the pending question.

   The night of the homecoming dance was certainly a memorable one for these three couples. A limo took them to Canlis Restaurant in Seattle for dinner, then to the school for photos, and then to the dance at Inglewood Country Club, where the theme for the evening was "A Night at the Oscars."

   "The guys made it so special," says Dorn, "because they really went all out for us."

   Senior year is made for memories because graduation comes all too soon and students move on toward their future destinations. Pritchett, Walters, and Dailey are all planning to attend colleges on sports scholarships. Dorn, Thompson, and Clark are busy applying to colleges, too, and it is a time for big decisions. They will all, however, be able to look back on their senior year with fond nostalgia.