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October 25, 1999

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New soccer fields for Woodinville

soccer fields sign

The new sign on the property that is to become soccer fields announces "Future Site of South Gateway Park, 21 Acres for a Community Park and Playfields..."
Staff photo by Marshall Haley.

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--King County has added 3.9 acres of farmland on NE 171st in Woodinville to the adjoining 18-acre agricultural site purchased and designated for soccer last year. The new addition was purchased from the Woodinville Fire District.

   The Fire District took a loss of around $100,000 on the land they purchased five years ago as a potential site for a new fire station. Facing a difficult zoning obstacle on land designated agricultural, the Fire District had purchased the old Knoll Lumber site next to the Woodinville Post Office for their new station and training center.

   Earlier this year, King County Supreme Court Judge Sharon Armstrong ruled that agriculturally-zoned land in the Sammamish Valley could be used for soccer fields, as long as no permanent structures, asphalt, or concrete were put on the land that would interfere with restoring agricultural capacity.

   That ruling has been legally challenged by five members of the Hollywood Hill Association, who claim to be farm preservationists. Those five, mostly officers of the association, ignored a 124-5 vote last October by the association's vast majority who wanted more youth sports fields in the Woodinville area, according to former HHA president Geoff Clayton and other members.

   Majority members have stated that the association officers are misusing their authority and misrepresenting the association in mounting the legal battle to fulfill their own agenda.

   The new sign on the property announces "Future Site of South Gateway Park, 21 Acres for a Community Park and Playfields. Our Legacy from the Forward Thrust and State Recreation Fund." The sign attributes "special thanks" to:

   King County's Louise Miller, Ron Sims, Larry Phillips, Paula Adams, and Craig Larson; Woodinville Mayor Don Brocha; Northshore Soccer; PRO-Parks; Little Leagues; Dave and Linda Shipley, Diane and Geoff Clayton, Peter and Vicky Sorg, Gail Neubert, Jorge Barrerra, Lori and Dennis Gunnell, Glen and Katheryn Phillips, Curt Wyatt, Jeff Samuelson, Christy and Mick Wokich, Jeff and Sheila Lair, Beth and Steve Evans, Doug and Leslie Erickson, and Leah and Steve Vieira.

   Volunteers to help build the fields are asked to call Jorge Barrerra at 486-7188 or Geoff Clayton at 486-3206.