Northwest NEWS

October 25, 1999

Front Page

Duvall candidates speak out

by Lisa Allen, Valley View editor

   DUVALL--Two City Council positions are up for election this year. Incumbent Jeane Baldwin is opposed by Diane Salz for Position 2, and incumbent Mark Cole is going up against Beckie Ish for Position 4.

   Jeane Baldwin, a Duvall resident since 1974, was mayor from 1985 to 1989. She has also served as chairman of the Civil Service Commission for the police department. She says the town has a lot on the plate to deal with, considering the rapid growth.

   "Regarding the sewer plant expansion, the restrictions are more stringent than they used to be," she said. "The DOE wants the outfall relocated to the middle of the river, but fisheries says no. We needed the six-month moratorium to resolve that and other issues."

   The city also needs to deal with the old town, now that development is beginning to occur south of the current business district, she said. "Their (old town businesses) main nervousness is lack of parking," she said. "There just isn't much."

   Baldwin has always been active with the Parks Committee and Sno-Valley youth, encouraging the city to build more sports fields. "I have been very proud of the people in Duvall who volunteered to help develop the parks and the baseball and soccer fields," she said.

   Diane Salz is currently a member of the Duvall Planning Commission and a board member for the Chamber of Commerce. A 13-year resident of Duvall, she is also on the Chamber's Enhancement Committee and was the Food Booth Chairperson for Duvall Days. She says she is running on an economic development platform.

   "I am hoping to help new and old town work together and help old town find room for parking," she said. "Old Duvall is why a lot of people come here--we need to enhance that."

   She said another vision she has for Duvall is to make it a trailhead for the Snoqualmie Valley Trail.

   Mark Cole was appointed to fill Position 4 when it was vacated in 1998. Cole, 42, is a civil engineer who works as a design consultant. He has lived in Duvall for three years.

   "Duvall has grown a lot and there is more to come," he said. "I think with my engineering background, I can complement the other members of the council. I believe we make a good unit."

   Cole says the city should refine the way mitigation fees are handled. "When developers come in, we need to get a better handle on identifying all the impacts," he said. "We need to accommodate both new and existing residents."

   He says the home town atmosphere is still very much alive in Duvall. "We don't want Duvall to lose its character," he says. "That is important when we look at developments and mitigation fees, although economic development is vital to Duvall."

   He added that the town needs to make the best use of commercial development and also focus on old town upgrades. Cole is vice president of the Sno-Valley Cities Association and on the Snoqualmie Watershed Forum.

   Beckie Ish, 30, is a seven-year resident of Duvall who works as an office manager for a Duvall business. As a member of the Chamber of Commerce, she has organized and directed the Duvall Days Parade for the last two years.

   "I feel the council needs a young person," she said. "I am interested in the council because I feel I can help other residents have a say in city business. I care what happens to our city."

   Ish has been active in the Chamber and in local fund-raising events. She says her youth, energy, and abilities as an office manager would make her an effective councilmember.

   "Working in the office here gives me an opportunity to talk with many residents and business people," she says. "That would help me bring ideas to the council."