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October 25, 1999

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Hospital District candidates voice opinions

Public Hospital District No. 2 Commissioner, District 3

Bruce Buckles

   I have over 20 years experience in healthcare as an administrator, RN, EMT, and consultant. I have degrees in law, healthcare administration, nursing, and human services. I have lived in the district for 20 years and have served five years on the Board at Evergreen. I have also served with the University of Washington Medical Center, and at Group Health, I was one of the original promoters and providers of hospice on the Eastside.

   We need to provide comprehensive pediatric care to each and every child on the Eastside. I am, and have been, an advocate for pediatric services. We need to provide affordable healthcare by challenging insurance industry costs and H.C.F.A., which I have done and continue to do.

Gene Hawkridge

   To me, my most important qualification for the job of commissioner is integrity. Beyond that, I have an educational background in engineering, economics, and business administration. I have experience in managing complex projects, a basic knowledge of finance, life-cycle cost analysis, operations, and maintenance. I have a long history of interest in community affairs.

Position 5

Jeanette Greenfield

   I was appointed to the Board of Commissioners of King County Public Hospital District #2 in 1998 because of broad-based board experience, proven community leadership, and extensive background in community-based services. I am currently secretary of the Board.

   Important issues include staffing and fiscal oversight that allow the District to manage its resources with sound financial accountability, the issue of access to individual healthcare policies, the shortage of skilled nursing staff, and quality of patient care.

Robert L. Style

   In regard to my qualifications, among other things I've done in my 61 years, I have generated and managed city budgets. When managing public funds, I know how staff and elected officials attempt to justify expenditures. I will be able to insure that public money is used to pay for local services instead of CEO 43% salary increases, $2M loans to defunct hospital districts, exorbitant tax increases that are not based on the services provided but the abnormally high increases in assessed values, and the export of local tax dollars to areas outside our district.

   It is essential that we replace those elected officials who make bad decisions on how to spend the district's tax dollars, while, at the same time being sued for incorrect procedures. The two most important issues facing our jurisdiction are how to insure that local taxpayers get local services and how to prevent the export of local tax dollars to areas outside the district.