Northwest NEWS

November 1, 1999


It's sad when we have to lock up our mailboxes

   I live on 194th Ave. NE behind Cottage Lake Elementary School. On Oct. 20, we did not receive our mail. The next day, our neighbor found the remains of our mail in their woods.

   One of the items stolen was an antique 1953 Michigan license plate, number HZ-5222. The original wrapper was all that was left. If anyone finds this license plate, please return it to me.

   I solicit parents and school officials to remind children to leave mail boxes alone. It is not only against the law to steal from mailboxes, but a great expense and inconvenience to those victimized.

   It is unfortunate and a sad state of affairs when our only alternative is to lock up our mailboxes.

Wayne Kanaby, Woodinville