Northwest NEWS

November 1, 1999


Lack of permits keeps manufactured home in driveway

   This letter is to help inform all your readers about a situation that is taking place in our community and affecting several landowners. I will give you our particular situation.

   Last year, we hired a contractor to clear some trees for us. My husband and I had just purchased our land and were eager to get things cleared out for the new manufactured home that we were planning on buying.

   In January of this year, we purchased the home, and the company that we bought it from delivered it to us before the permit was issued to set it up. We applied for a permit, but Snohomish County has now placed a six-year moratorium on our land because there were no permits obtained for the logging, and that logging and grading was done in a "sensitive area."

   My husband and I knew nothing of these laws; that is why we hired someone to do the work for us. Now we have a manufactured home sitting in our driveway that we cannot live in.

Angela Huffman, via e-mail