Northwest NEWS

November 1, 1999


Website created for Reintree

   Reintree, a neighborhood near Cottage Lake, is developing a website to share information and experiences, and to help neighbors become better acquainted.

   The site, still under construction, will offer a listing of recommended businesses, babysitters, and community events, as well as monthly features of contributed recipes and a "meet your neighbor" column.

   In addition, the website will bring the residents together into a buying group in which large bulk purchases of items and services such as garden bark, roof cleaning, and firewood can be coordinated and purchased at a discount. Local businesses will also be encouraged to offer special coupon discounts for dining and events and will receive advertising on the site.

   Reintree residents are encouraged to visit and make suggestions as the site evolves. You may visit the virtual Reintree neighborhood at, where suggestions and comments can be sent to the webmaster.

Brad Warter, Reintree