Northwest NEWS

November 1, 1999


Work on soccer fields was appreciated

   The Cedarcrest Volunteer Fields Committee would like to thank the following individuals and businesses that helped restore the soccer field at CHS. Through donations of time and materials, these businesses continually show support for our athletic programs.

   Thank you to: Harding's Backhoe & Bulldozing, Inc. for leveling and moving dirt; Pepper Brothers Paving, Inc. for removing old grass; Red-E Topsoil for finding free turf; and Sound Turf for providing free hydroseeding and spraying.

   The following individuals were invaluable and supportive of our endeavors: John Mark, Riverview maintenance supervisor, for showing up, standing behind us, and helping get this field accomplished; and Clarence Lavarias, Cedarcrest High School principal, for always bolstering us.

   With these aforementioned supporters, standing at the site of the proposed CHS athletic fields, we feel we have started The Fields Dream, but this is just a small part of what these fields could be.

Cedarcrest Volunteer Fields Committee: Donna Gustat, Greg Jackson, Diane Salz