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November 1, 1999

Local News

Police Beat

   Oct. 22: Two Woodinville young men are being investigated for aggravated assault on a 17-year-old from Kenmore after a pre-arranged one-on-one fight at the Woodinville Park & Ride became a mob attack on the Kenmore youth. According to a witness, when the Kenmore boy got the Woodinville boy in a headlock, 15-20 friends of the underdog attacked the overdog, knocking him to the ground and repeatedly hitting and kicking him. The witness, apparently from Kenmore, had just arrived with other friends to watch the fight, and was threatened by the crowd when he tried to get out to stop the mob violence. They started to damage his car, and he drove away. When more friends of the victim arrived in more cars, the mob ran to their cars and drove away. Police arrived two minutes after being called, to see about 10 cars leaving the scene. The victim was inside one, with serious damage to his face. Police called an aid car, which took him to Evergreen's emergency room. The victim and witnesses could only identify two attackers.

   Oct. 23: The car of a 52-year-old female resident of Woodinville's Westview Garden Apts. was recovered at 4 p.m., after she reported it stolen around 11 a.m. Her purse had been stolen Oct. 21, while friends of her three teenage sons were visiting. The car, found parked at the Woodland Hills condo complex, had damage to the front end. Officers repeated an earlier warning that she change her house locks and added car locks to the warning. The victim said an $800 paycheck was missing from the car. Suspects left a black leather jacket, water bottle, and a cassette with fingerprints on it in the car.

   Oct 26: A Redmond man was arrested at 3:45 a.m. in Bothell for driving a Dodge Dart stolen from the Mac's Towing impound lot in Woodinville. The man had escaped from police custody in Woodinville on Oct. 22, when a friend apparently let him out of a locked police car while the arresting officer was inside a house looking for the man's friend. The man had been arrested at the Texaco Star Mart on Woodinville-Duvall Rd. at 156th NE when police saw drug paraphernalia on his car seat. His car was boxed in by the car of a store employee, who told police the man's friend had stolen something from the store and ran out while the man had distracted the employee. After the suspect was arrested, he got a cell phone call from his friend, who told him where he was. The suspect directed police to the house, where the escape took place. Meanwhile, the car driven by the suspect was impounded by Mac's Towing. The next day, Oct. 23, at 11:32 p.m., Mac's reported to police that the padlock on their impound lot gate had been cut and the Dodge Dart was missing. Now the suspect faces car theft charges as well as drug paraphanalia and escape charges. The car belongs to a North Seattle man, whose connection to the suspect was not known at press time.