Northwest NEWS

November 1, 1999

Front Page

Bothell City Hall Y2K tested

   BOTHELL--Bothell City Hall got a real live, but unplanned, test of their Y2K readiness last Wednesday during the storm that knocked out power to 50,000 homes ... and one City Hall.

   A witness reported that City staff had to evacuate some parts of the building for a short time while the maintenance crew searched for the source of unpleasant fumes.

   City employee Clark Meeks said when the emergency generator kicked in, it got hot and kicked right back out again, apparently from some blown internal parts that gave off the smell. As of Friday afternoon, no cause had been given for the problem.

   Since the phone system depends on electricity, anyone trying to call City Hall got no answer from about 10:30 a.m. to almost 2 p.m., when power was restored.