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November 8, 1999

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Dining In

Dining InHot and tasty dinners for cold autumn evenings.

Keeping kids healthy is easier than you think

children's healthWith increasing demands on families, there are fewer hours to do the things we think we should be doing to keep our families healthy. I have found that a few basic steps can have a great impact on everyone in the family.

Survive the commute when disaster strikes

safety tipsWith fall upon us, and La Nina in the wings, Pacific Northwest commuters may be in for some rough weather. A few simple motorist safety tips could make the difference between inconvenience and real disaster.

Consumer protection tips at senior seminar

Consumer protectionIn an effort to provide older adults with the facts about con artists and their scams, as well as other key consumer issues, AARP and representatives from state and federal agencies are hosting the Consumer University.

Free counseling for troubled youth

youth counselingNorthshore Youth and Family Services (NYFS) has distributed vouchers for free counseling for students and families in all Northshore public schools.