Northwest NEWS

November 8, 1999

Local News

Y2K-prep video ready

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   The State has completed four videos that give citizens tips on emergency preparation. Designed to accommodate potential Y2K-related interruptions of utility service, the information applies to any emergency scenario, such as earthquakes, storms, or war. The four videos are available at any of Washington's 300 public libraries.

   The fourth video, "Financial Institutions and the Year 2000 Challenge," features a panel of John Bley, director of the Washington Department of Financial Institutions; Scott Gaspard, president of the Washington Savings League; and Diane Sugzda, president of the Kitsap Community Federal Credit Union.. The video describes the transaction process in financial institutions, steps such institutions have taken to prepare for Y2K, actions taken by regulatory agencies to protect the public, and precautions depositors can take to prevent problems.

   The series' first video, "The Washington State Approach," explains the Y2K challenge; outlines the state's third-party risk assessment of Y2K conversion efforts in state government systems and facilities; and summarizes the results of state Y2K readiness efforts. It also gives a visual demonstration of Y2K readiness information on the state's website at

   The second video, "Electricity and the Year 2000 Challenge," explains the power grid; provides details of how electricity is generated and distributed in Washington; summarizes Y2K readiness in the power industry; and describes contingency plans.

   The third video, "Family Preparedness and the Year 2000," provides practical tips on household preparation for any normal service interruptions.

   To purchase the videos, call 360-586-4204.