Northwest NEWS

November 8, 1999

Local News

Art and history are close to home

   Making a local connection with history and the arts is now easy for King County residents. The Metropolitan King County Council recently approved funding for more than 150 projects that support local arts and heritage activities.

   "Most of these grants aren't large, but they are very important," said Council Chair Louise Miller. "They provide start-up funding for new organizations, help with overhead costs for ongoing groups, and attract larger grants from private donors. Our community arts and heritage groups have come to rely on this county support."

   In Miller's district, some of the bigger projects are:

   The annual grants are part of the Landmarks and Heritage Cultural Education Program, the Landmarks and Heritage Special Projects Program, and the King County Arts Commision's Special Projects Programs. For more information, or a complete list of the projects, call Holly Taylor at (206) 296-8573, or Michael Killoren at (206) 296-8678.