Northwest NEWS

November 15, 1999


Writer will make the time to study new tax/fee requests

   The November 1st edition of the Woodinville Weekly contained an Opinion from Governor Locke. This editorial quoted words from Abraham Lincoln, "Government of the people, by the people, and for the people." Words I am sure we all remember from our history classes, but have probably seldom experienced.

   From my view, I always thought that is why we elected representatives to take our needs and wants to the government. Governor Locke's "Capital for a Day" program (taking his executive staff to the people) may have merit, but should not replace the purpose of our representatives.

   The following is a quote from a state representative: "Unfortunately, the last legislative session found that the House did not write any of the budget. That was a first, as far as we know, in the history of the state. The process was beyond belief, in that it left out the voice of the people totally. The Senate wrote the budget with the Governor. Then they sent it over to the House with strict instructions from the Governor that no Democrat was to vote against it or add any amendment to it other than the one that contained the 27 errors the Senate had found since they passed the budget.

   "It was a horrible night, as I stood about 14 times to ask for changes/money/wording in the budget that would help our district. Not one amendment other than the blessed one was added. So the people and their representatives had no say in this budget. Now it should be clear why nothing was done to help the people, and why the budget grew by so much as well as added so many new employees."

   Right or wrong, I-695 was the people saying they have little faith in our state government, especially when it comes to spending our money. Yes, our money, not Governor Locke's money. I'm not looking forward to having to study [what could be dozens of] new tax/fee requests, but I will make the time until we get a government in place that will work as a group and work with the taxpayers' best interests in mind.

Dennis Dearing, Woodinville