Northwest NEWS

November 15, 1999


Citizen input will make a difference in the Treemont Development

   I have been a Fall City resident for 15 years. We moved here because of the rural environment. Our lot and surrounding homes are on five-acre lots. How would you feel about 194 homes on one-acre lots all with septic systems being built on the hillside above your home?

   That is what Treemont is planning to do. I went to the hearing on Nov. 2nd that continued into Nov. 3rd and finished on Nov. 4th. I wasn't able to attend the Nov. 4th meeting.

   There were a few neighbors there who shared their feelings--especially about the runoff water that will be sent straight into the Snoqualmie River that will then go into Patterson Creek.

   Treemont does have an alternative plan for 47 lots--one home per five acres. That is the maximum that should be built. One per five needs to be stressed to them as well as water flooding and quality concerns.

   There will be a final meeting at 9:30 a.m., Friday, Nov. 19, on the 38th Floor Conference Room, Key Tower, 700 5th Avenue, Seattle.

   If you don't think that your appearance will make a difference, think again. If no one shows up, it sends a message to the King County Council that we don't mind this sort of development in Fall City. Please attend.

Cindy Parks, Fall City