Northwest NEWS

November 15, 1999

Local News

City awards Hos Bros. certificate of appreciation

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--At the City Council's Nov. 8 meeting, Mayor Don Brocha presented Hos Bros. representative Mike Menalia with a Certificate of Thanks that read: "To Hos Bros. Construction for Exceptional Business Citizenship and Assistance, Sammamish ReLeaf 1999, on Behalf of the City of Woodinville."

   "I can't think of a more perfect example of a business that's a public partner of the City and community than Hos Bros.," said Brocha. "They were very instrumental in the success of Wilmot Park. For the river ReLeaf project, I understand they got the call for help from (Parks and Recreation Director) Lane Youngblood on Friday, and that they came right out on Friday and worked all the way through Saturday. I want you to know how much the city appreciates your selfless help in our times of great need."

   Hos Bros. donated machinery and workers to clear the riverbank of brush and sod in preparation for the October planting project south of Wilmot Park.

   "We thank the City of Woodinville for giving us the opportunity to help like this," said Menalia. He was joined at the ceremony by Hos employees Gene Schmidt and Jeff Jensen.

   Youngblood presented Menalia with a large remote-controlled plastic earth mover filled with Atomic Fireballs, "...the official candy of the City of Woodinville," she said.

   "We know exactly what to do with those," said Schmidt.