Northwest NEWS

November 15, 1999

Front Page

Council compromises with Sims on Northshore sewer plans

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   SEATTLE--King County Executive Ron Sims lauded County Council Chair Louise Miller for working with him to arrive at "a plan that addresses everyone's concerns," concerning sewage treatment needs of northeast King County. The plan includes Sims' original preference to rely on building a third sewage treatment plant in north King County by 2010, to hold an initial 36 million gallons of sewage per day.

   The Council's demand that the plan include a Kenmore Interceptor Pipe to the West Point treatment plant has been dropped, under protest by Councilmember Maggi Fimia. She says the revised plan still does not offer enough protection from sewage overflows for northlake residents. Fimia has demanded that the new plan include rapid replacement of the old sewage conveyance pipe that travels under the surface of Lake Washington to the Matthews Beach transfer station. Fimia also insists other old pipes in the Northlake area need repair to stop frequent leaks that have stunk up the homes of many Northlake residents for years.

   "It's not the best proposal available for protecting the environment or the taxpayers' checkbook, but it is the best Executive Sims and the Department of Natural Resources are willing to do at this time," said Fimia.

   Sims' Nov. 8 press release claimed that his original plan had been endorsed by "all suburban cities," when in fact, the city councils of both Kenmore and Lake Forest Park had voted against his plan, endorsing instead the Council's Kenmore Interceptor version. Sims' revised plan includes building, within a couple years, a 10-million gallon storage tank near the north end of the lake as a stop-gap attempt to mitigate Northlake sewage overflows during heavy rains.

   The Regional Water Quality Committee, chaired by County Councilmember Larry Phillips, was expected to adopt the new plan last Friday and formally recommend that the County Council approve it at their meeting this week.