Northwest NEWS

November 15, 1999


LWTC offers 'Graduate Guarantees'

   Lake Washington Techncial College has announced it will guarantee that its graduates will have the jobs skills necessary for entry-level employment in the technical field for which they are trained.

   If an employer judges a graduate as lacking in skills identified as program competencies, up to fifteen tuition-free credit hours of additional training will be provided. The guarantee will apply to students earning an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree, a Certificate of Proficiency or a Certificate of Completion awarded in December of 1999 or thereafter. That means most students currently enrolled in any of nearly sixty certificate or degree programs at the college could enter the job market with an educational guarantee.

   Students interested in the details and conditions of the Graduate Guarantee may contact Student Services at Lake Washington Technical College at (425) 739-8100. Employers interested recruiting graduates with guarantees, or other training opportunities may contact the Office of the Executive Vice President for Instructional Services at (425) 739-8300.