Northwest NEWS

November 22, 1999


Here we go again!

   Voters may have thought that I-695 would give them say on higher taxes, but the Woodinville Fire District just rushed to pass a 20 percent increase budget before the new law takes effect.

   I attended the Nov. 16 commissioners' meeting to voice my concerns that any budget increase should stay within the limits of inflation. I reminded them that even in our prosperous economy, many families in our district will not see their family income increase this year, and it was time for the fire district to learn to live within its current income just as our families do.

   I was shocked when four of the five commissioners decided to push ahead for this outrageous increase. Two of the commissioners who supported the increase were just re-elected after campaigning that they were looking out for taxpayers. They sure failed to do that on budget.

   There is no justification for this 20% budget increase. If every city council and special taxing district pulls this trick, voters will be in for a big tax increase. And politicians wonder why the voters just passed I-695 to require voter approval of future tax hikes.

D.C. Kosters, Woodinville