Northwest NEWS

November 22, 1999


Development will impact quality of life

   We want to inform the public that the people of Snoqualmie, including the Snoqualmie Tribe, are having a problem. The problem is that Puget Western, the real estate arm of Puget Sound Energy, wants to build a development right next to Snoqualmie Falls. This development will impact wildlife, trees, water, view, and quality of life. In fact, one half of the 182 acres would be bulldozed.

   The area around the Falls is habitat for the pileated woodpecker, a threatened species, and it's also sacred land for the Snoqualmie Tribe, just federally recognized in October '99. Also, Snoqualmie Falls is the second most visited site in Washington with 1.5 million visitors.

   We owe the people who come here from all over the world a continuing uplifting experience. Development would diminish this experience, as it would create sky glow and buildings which could be seen from various vistas around the Falls.

   If you also have concerns about this issue, please express them to the City of Snoqualmie at: P.O. Box 987, Snoqualmie, WA 98065; or

Catherine Bunn, Snoqualmie