Northwest NEWS

November 22, 1999


Mother sees a double standard at school

   When my daughter was a student at Bothell High School, she and some fellow students took a plastic toy from a display in a classroom. The teacher who owned the prop had taken a year-long sabbatical and a sub was presiding in the classroom.

   It was Halloween, and the prop happened to be a Halloween toy. She and the others took turns, with the sub present, parading with the toy. They continued up and down the halls between classes, but when the bell rang for the next class, she put it in her locker--a mistake on her part.

   The school searched her locker (she was supposed to have the right to be present, but she was not), found the prop, and said she was to be immediately removed from the property. I could not be reached, so a relative was told to remove her at once. She was suspended for three days for having "stolen property" in her locker.

   When I protested such a harsh and damaging punishment, I was told there was a zero-tolerance at Bothell High School. Her punishment was to be served.

   However, the members of the football team are allowed to break the rules and get away with it. I wonder, if my daughter had been a member of the football team, what would her punishment have been? Smells of discrimination to me.

Margaret Binckley, Bothell