Northwest NEWS

November 29, 1999


Kenmore should follow Hearing Examiner's recommendation

   In response to an Oct. 25th letter to the editor, we want to thank the writer for expressing his opinion about the Lakepointe development and we invite others to do likewise. At the same time, we reiterate that our appeal of the Lakepointe project has always been an effort simply to ensure that the development remains within established legal guidelines.

   The office building he describes as eligible for removal lies near the intersection we demonstrated does not meet the County requirements. The Kenmore hearing examiner ruled that an exception granted for that intersection was illegal, and he required further exploration of solutions. The City of Kenmore is in the process of reviewing the developer's response.

   With the more than 12,000 added daily vehicle trips projected from Lakepointe, we are obligated to work for ways to reduce the negative impacts on our already serious traffic congestion. As the Hearing Examiner pointed out in his Dec. 11, 1998 ruling, "Common sense suggests that the addition of 12,700 vehicle trips per day would require a more creative approach in mitigation of traffic impacts than that shown by the County."

   If this means removing one office building from the development plans, that option must be considered. There are, after all, still over 100,000 square feet of planned office space without that building. And the remaining buildings have not yet come under scrutiny for possible removal from the project.

   In fact, now that Lakepointe developer's full response has been given, it appears that they do not expect to eliminate an office building. Hopefully, the City, in their review of the response, will follow the hearing examiner's recommendation: "Perhaps the City of Kenmore will adopt ordinances that require mitigation of significant impacts or select personnel that will be more aggressive in identification of mitigation measures."

Dan & Bonnie Olsen, Kenmore