Northwest NEWS

November 29, 1999


194 homes planned for Fall City

   I have been attending the King County public hearings for the Treemont Development. Testimony by local home owners has made a huge difference.

   The developers are trying to put in 194 homes across the highway from Aldarra Golf Course. Yes, it's zoned for one house per five acres, but the developers had their application turned in before 1989 when they could have one house per acre.

   There is a one house per five acre alternative. They will be dumping the development's stormwater into the Snoqualmie River and Patterson Creek. They will have septic systems. They plan on building another entrance road off Hwy. 202 and putting a light in at Duthie Hill intersection.

   Concerned citizens have called a public meeting on Nov. 30th at 7:00 pm at the Fall City Fire Hall. Please attend this meeting. If unable, letters can be mailed to arrive by Dec. 2nd to: Office of the Hearing Examiner; Attn.: Stafford Smith, Treemont; 850 Union Bank of Calif. Bldg.; 900 4th Ave.; Seattle, WA 98164. Call (206) 296-4660, fax (206) 296-1654, e-mail

Cindy Parks, Fall City