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November 29, 1999


Guest Editorial

A rising tide raises all boats

open tradeWhen you hear the amazing fact that one in every three jobs in Washington is tied to international trade, you can understand the importance of international trade to our state.

Letters to the Editor

Family remembers and reminds young and old that drinking and driving kills

drinking & drivingI beg of kids young and old, friends or not, please think twice before you get behind the wheel while drinking or even in a passenger seat as Mike did--here's proof drinking and driving kills.

Kenmore should follow Hearing Examiner's recommendation

Lakepointe projectWe reiterate that our appeal of the Lakepointe project has always been an effort simply to ensure that the development remains within established legal guidelines.

Are you aware of what is happening right now in the Snoqualmie Valley?

contested developmentThere is a development proposed in Snoqualmie that we, the people, still have a chance to stop. It will have a definite impact on us all: Falls Crossing.

We need to live within our means

fiscal responsibilityThank you, Kathy Lambert, for really listening to the people regarding taxes. It's too bad not everyone is listening.

194 homes planned for Fall City

Treemont DevelopmentI have been attending the King County public hearings for the Treemont Development. Testimony by local home owners has made a huge difference.

Writer appreciates those who care for others

helping othersFor Thanksgiving dinner, I went to a church where they were feeding the poor. There I met the most beautiful woman in the world.

Fire District services need to be kept at the highest level possible

Fire District servicesThe claim that the Woodinville Fire District just rushed to pass a 20 percent increase to beat I-695 demonstrated why it is important for the citizens to be involved with the Fire Commissioners' meetings.

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