Northwest NEWS

November 29, 1999

Valley Special

World AIDS Day

   A dozen churches across the state will unite in marking World AIDS Day by ringing their church bells 19 times at 1:00 on December 1.

   Organized by Jeff Spencer, pastor at Tolt Congregational United Church of Christ in Carnation, the ringing bells will mark the 19 years of the AIDS pandemic.

   "World AIDS Day is a day for remembering and commitment," explained Spencer. "On this day, we remember all those who have died from AIDS. We remember those who are living with HIV [the virus that causes AIDS]. We remember those who assist those living with HIV disease. And we remember those who grieve the loss of loved ones to AIDS. On this day we also commit ourselves. We commit ourselves to work to end the pandemic. We commit ourselves to assist those living with HIV and to end discrimination. We commit ourselves to provide the youth of our communities accurate information about HIV and AIDS so they can protect themselves. And we commit ourselves to to stand by those who grieve."

   Not every church has a bell, so some churches will participate by ringing a chime at 1:00. Dan Stern of St. Paul's United Church of Christ is Ballard said he will ring a hand-held chime on the front porch of the church.