Northwest NEWS

December 6, 1999


BBB can help with charitable giving decisions

   The holidays are the traditional time for charitable giving. In fact, 40 percent of charitable donations are made during the last six weeks of the year.

   The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is offering free information this holiday season to encourage donors to give with their heads, as well as their hearts.

   Charities are evaluated in four key areas: public accountability, solicitation practices, governance, and use of funds (e.g., a reasonable percentage, $50 or more must be applied to program services directly benefiting the cause of the organization).

   The Better Business Bureau offers reports on individual charitable organizations, and provides comprehensive information in two brochures. For more information on charities based in Oregon and Western Washington, the BBB's "Wise Giving Guide" is available, and for information on national charities, donors can request the Council of Better Business Bureau's "Give, but Give Wisely." These brochures will tell consumers and businesses which charities meet or don't meet BBB standards and what percentage of funds is spent on the actual cause.

   To obtain a charity report or to request copies of the brochures, call 206-431-2222 or send e-mail to

long day of work, as opposed to being greeted by a hyper, high-energy pet who has been cooped up all day with nothing to do."

   Hwy. 9 K-9 can accommodate up to sixteen dogs, although Woodward has only had a maximum of five at any one time. She is pleased with business so far, as she has been getting calls daily and people have been dropping by to see the place. She figures that it will take several months to really get going and is optimistic that business will pick up gradually.

   "I hope to be able to expand to the space next door in June if the business has grown and I have the need for additional space," comments Woodward.

   Currently, the daycare area is approximately forty by twenty-three square feet. It is enclosed, has a cement floor, and has several worn-looking couches, on which the dogs make themselves at home. There are pictures of dogs on the walls, particularly of rottweilers, which Woodward has bred for twenty-five years.

   Woodward, herself, is a warm, upbeat woman who is obviously very much at home with dogs. She easily transitions from playing energetically with the animals to sitting in a rocking chair and gently petting them.

   "I've always seemed to have a natural affinity with dogs," explains Woodward. "They used to follow me home when I was a kid and they always seemed to take to me. I feel I understand them well."

   Hwy. 9 K-9 also offers obedience classes for puppies and adult dogs, in group classes and individual training sessions. Additional services include housebreaking and convalescent or post-surgery care. Woodward plans to make dog grooming services available beginning in the spring of 2000.

   The daycare center is located off of Highway 9, in the rear of the Four Square Church. It is open Monday-Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. A variety of packages are available, as well as drop-in rates for half or full day care. For more information about Highway 9 K-9 Doggie Daycare, call 425-402-3714.