Northwest NEWS

December 6, 1999


To the residents of the City of Kenmore...

   Thank you for helping us develop the City's "vision" for Kenmore's future.

   During the month of October, the City of Kenmore held a series of open houses and mailed out a community survey in order to gather information regarding your perspectives on the future of our new City. This information will be used to formulate a "vision" statement for the City's future and will be the basis for the City's community-generated-comprehensive plan. That plan will serve as the framework to guide the City's growth over the next twenty years.

   The community response was overwhelming. Over 1,000 of you took the time to either attend one of our meetings or to complete the survey. You reaffirmed our view that the citizens and business owners of Kenmore are truly concerned about our community's future.

   Thank you for your support and your willingness to devote some of your limited personal time to improve Kenmore's future. Those of you who attended the meetings or asked to be placed on our mailing list will be receiving a mailing within the next few weeks regarding the results of both the survey and the open houses and describing the next steps in the planning process.

   Thank you again, and should you have any questions on the City's Comprehensive Plan, please call Bob Sokol, the Director of Community Development for the City of Kenmore, at 425-398-8900.

The City of Kenmore Planning Commission:
Dave Maehren, Chair; Roxanne Hamilton, Vice-Chair; Dennis DePape; John Regala; Rashi Luke; Debra Srebnik; Clyde Merriwether; Tom Taylor; Victor Orris