Northwest NEWS

December 6, 1999


Left-wingers will not pay more for their tabs

   I see it hasn't taken long for the Weekly to give us a series of horror stories based on the passage of I-695.

   Like a lot of liberal politicians and pundits who resent the public's attempts to moderate gross over-taxation by the government, the Weekly writers want to punish us in the best tradition of a sore loser. Expect to see a continual assault on your consciousness, and implicitly your conscience.

   Although I get the impression from the Weekly articles that life as we know it is coming to a tragic end immediately, the only real change in my life is that I will have to pay $30 to license my five-year-old car next year instead of the $650 I paid this year. Left-wingers dislike this, but I know from past observation that none of them will volunteer to pay more when their fees are due.

   The Weekly's attempts to spread the left-wing gospel didn't stop there. Last week, we were treated to a front page puff piece on the miraculous beauty and wisdom of Al Gore. The most impressive revelation, we are informed in the opening paragraph, is that Al "is neither wooden nor humorless" like all the other reporters have been saying for years. He's just a swell guy who's for everything good and against everything bad. He said so in his talk.

John Shephard, Woodinville