Northwest NEWS

December 6, 1999


Must I have a green Christmas?

   Sustainability: the buzzword that has ruined Christmas for me. Must I care about what is environmentally correct?

   Some of my favorite childhood memories are of Christmas Eve--the tree is lit and covered with those darn silver icings that now ruin a tree for recycling; there are loads of gifts underneath wrapped in bright foiled paper. How fun to put out the milk and cookies for Santa, not sleep all night and sneak out into the living room in the middle of night and smell the pine of the tree, loaded with presents and pretty lights against the dark.

   So what kind of green Christmas can I now have without guilt? First of all it's not Christmas, it's the holidays. The guilt-free holidays include very few presents, because the gift-giving thing is just a phenomenon created by the retail industry. As a matter of fact, I don't even want to cut down a tree and watch it die in my living room--never mind the silver icings.

   Since I really do care, I'm going to skip the tree thing (but still put up lights), and I'm going to give a homemade treat to those I love. It's not a cordless drill with the deluxe bit set and a bonus screwdriver, but hey, it's the thought that counts.

Rhonda Brown, via e-mail