Northwest NEWS

December 6, 1999


Home Cuisine at LWTC

   Many home-based amateur chefs face trials by fire when they attempt to prepare holiday dinners, interpret recipes, and try to recreate menus from their favorite restaurants.

   The new Home Cuisine Award program at Lake Washington Technical College prepares the amateur cook in the basics of home kitchen food preparation. Students can earn an award, which consists of twelve credits. More advanced courses focus on special techniques to reproduce memorable meals and confidently tackle challenging international recipes.

   Even if you are not interested in earning the Award, the individual courses will help you cook with confidence and flair and will give you the opportunity to meet others interested in fine dining and home food preparation. For course information, call (425) 739-8112.

Invention Challenge

   Duracell and the National Science Teachers Association are inviting 6th through 12th grade students to participate in their Duracell/NSTA Invention Challenge. For entry forms, call 1-888-255-4242, or visit the websites at or