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December 13, 1999

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bull & family

Photos by Alice Schwartz.

Bull joins cow and calf in Woodinville pasture

   After a year of work, Gary Vig, a local artist, used a lot of manpower and equipment last Sunday to move his two-ton iron bull from his place to Paul Waterman's pasture on the Woodinville-Redmond Road just south of the NE 145th intersection.

   The bull, 24 feet long, 12 feet high and 8.5 feet high, now sits next to Vig's famous cow and calf in the field.

   "It was raining like heck," said Waterman. "Vig had to weld cross-arms under each leg with a piece of channel iron to stabilize it. They lifted the bull onto the trailer with a forklift. He had to use outriggers to keep the forklift on the ground. The people who were moving it got soaked. It took several hours. Then the van and trailer carrying the bull got struck in the field on the slippery grass. I had to use the backhoe to get them to the right location.

   "I furnished the rebar for the areas around the legs and around the mouth and furnished several propane tanks for the body. I went out and scrounged. I told him, 'Don't put my name on it, call it Ferdinand,' but a friend of mine who owned a dairy told me about a bull they bought bought from Carnation Farms that was the meanest bull--they had named it Cuddles. I think that should be the bull's name," said Waterman.

   "It's wonderful, a tourist attraction for Woodinville," added Waterman.