Northwest NEWS

December 13, 1999

Front Page

Community asked to help write Duvall history

   The Duvall Historical Society is inviting people in greater Duvall to take photographs on January 1, 2000. These pictures can show what people were doing on that day, at some place in Duvall (perhaps their home) that is important to them.

   Along with the photographs, they should include a paragraph or two describing what is in the picture. These pictures and the accompanying paragraph should be mailed to the Duvall Historical Society; P.O. Box 385; Duvall, WA 98019.

   They will be combined and become a part of the Society's archives, showing interested parties in future decades what Duvall was like at the start of the new millennium. Persons donating photographs should realize that the Society will not be able to return them.

   For further information, call Don Williams at 788-6209.