Northwest NEWS

December 20, 1999


The Visitor

by JoAnne Blevins

The room was warm and cozy
And the rain came down outside.
A log slipped in the fireplace,
Sending sparklers far and wide.
About that time I heard it ...
A soft knocking at the door,
And there stood a gentle person
Whom I'd never seen before.
"Oh please, ma'am, may I enter?
For my body needs to warm ..."
And sensing my reluctance,
Murmured, "I don't mean to harm."
His clothes were thin and tattered,
And his manner seemed so meek,
My heart warmed deep inside me
And I could barely speak.
I asked him when he'd eaten,
For he seemed so frail and slow ...
He bowed his head and answered,
"Oh, a day or two ago."
I fed him, then I asked him,
"Would you like to rest awhile?"
His face was fairly beaming
As he answered with a smile.
I left him at the table
To put food where it belonged ...
When I returned to visit him,
I found that he was gone!
Upon the shining table ...
Not a morsel nor a mote,
And the only thing I found of him
Was this amazing note:
"Dear Lady ... I was hungry
And you gently took me in.
You warmed my soul with kindness,
And I'll always be a friend.
My name is Christmas Spirit ...
May your home be blessed with light.
And I just want to tell you ...
I loved meeting you tonight."

Sent by Gary Blevins