Northwest NEWS

December 20, 1999


Decision will open Pandora's Box

   Whatever alternative is chosen for the Hollywood Intersection traffic congestion, moving Trib 90 will certainly open Pandora's Box.

   While the stream has never had salmon, there are fish in it, even if they're planted fish. According to fish stream rules, moving the stream would mean 100' buffers on either side, which is a lot, considering the commercial zoning on all four corners of the intersection. And if it's moved northeast, what happens to its present focal point in the landscaping around the old Hollywood School, which will look bleak with the stream removed?

   As to creating "real habitat" that would "allow a more natural, wider, and shallower stream course," in midsummer, the current stream course has only been an inch or so deep. Isn't the idea to float fish?

   Further, there's an implication that the relatively recent stream work, that included a big new culvert and a rounded instead of right-angle curve along 148th at the northwest Schoolhouse corner, didn't stop the overflooding along 148th. It did stop it--the work worked.

   One last thing: It's hard for the public to form an opinion on the various alternatives without a layout of costs involved with each alternative. What are the costs?

Maxine Keesling, Woodinville