Northwest NEWS

December 20, 1999


It seems I-695 is not that bad after all

   The government's recent proposal for a property tax cut means to me that I-695 is not that bad after all. In my opinion, it made a lot of liars out of some public officials, including some from Woodinville.

   Earlier this year, I wrote to the Woodinville Weekly about accumulation of funds by tax-supported entities. The federal government now expects to accumulate a surplus of 3 trillion dollars in the next 10 years. According to the governor, the state of Washington has accumulated a surplus of 1.3 billion.

   The City of Woodinville expects to accumulate sufficient funds by the end of 1999 to pay for the new city hall. The Woodinville Water District has accumulated sufficient funds to build themselves a new office building.

   The Woodinville Fire District recently purchased Knoll Lumber Yard in Woodinville for a new headquarters station. The new building is expected to cost 2-3 million dollars. The Knoll property will cost another $2-3 million, according to the Woodinville Weekly. All this is being done with funds that have accumulated.

   This means to me that over-taxation of this kind of money can be accumulated. In addition, the old headquarters building is worth under 2 million dollars, and the district took a loss on the property purchased earlier, that due to the building code, we're unable to use.

   So, it appears to me, in addition to over-taxation by the Woodinville Fire District, the District likes to buy high and sell low--after all, it's only taxpayers' money, and there's more where all that accumulation came from, like the recent 20% increase in taxes the Fire District commissioners approved. In addition to this, it appears the District has a problem with proper maintenance of exisiting facilities.

John Wood, Woodinville