Northwest NEWS

December 20, 1999


Misinformation continues to spread

   In response to a recent letter to the editor, I still find it amazing that the misinformation continues to spread at our Department's expense.

   For the year 2000, our operating budget increase was approximately 7 percent, not the much-maligned 20 that is being reported! Minimal extra dollars are being collected for replenishment of our reserve fund so we can meet the District needs in the immediate future, without reducing services.

   The current Board, and previous ones as well, believe it is wiser to budget money in a reserve account (earning interest and keeping actual costs down), than to have no money and have to fund a purchase on credit and pay interest, thus driving the actual cost to the taxpayers up.

   As for Commissioner Callon, it was he who stated in his campaign literature, while running for King County Assessor just months ago, that he, in fact, spearheaded lowering our Fire District taxes 13 percent. Now the information he is handing his letter writers is strikingly different, not to mention inaccurate. The assertions just don't add up! Sounds to me like another agenda.

   As an elected Fire Commissioner, what's important to me is that all the actions of the Board are open, honest, ethical, and reflect the needs of our community. If all elected Board members can't provide this commitment to their constituency, how can the taxpayers make an informed decision come election time?

Tim Osgood, Commissioner, Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District