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December 20, 1999


Guest Editorial

Holiday season is good time to teach children about alcohol

children & alcoholThe holiday season offers an excellent opportunity for parents to communicate with their children about drinking.

Letters to the Editor

Too many lives are lost

dangerous roadToo many lives are being lost on the road that leads from Bothell into Kenmore! Something needs to be done. What can we do?

The Visitor

The VisitorThe room was warm and cozy, and the rain came down outside...

New bull is her favorite, but loves all three

bull sculptureAwesome, astounding, beautiful, wonderful are some of the words that come to mind to describe the bull added to Paul Waterman's pasture.

Decision will open Pandora's Box

Hollywood Intersection Whatever alternative is chosen for the Hollywood Intersection traffic congestion, moving Trib 90 will certainly open Pandora's Box.

It seems I-695 is not that bad after all

over-taxation The government's recent proposal for a property tax cut means to me that I-695 is not that bad after all. In my opinion, it made a lot of liars out of some public officials, including some from Woodinville.

Misinformation continues to spread

misinformation In response to a recent letter to the editor, I still find it amazing that the misinformation continues to spread at our Department's expense.

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