Northwest NEWS

December 20, 1999


Girl Scouts keep Beanie spirit alive

   Ty may be retiring all Beanie Babies as of the first of the millennium, but the Girl Scouts will be keeping the spirit of Beanie collecting alive at the first-ever Girl Scout Beanie Baby Collection Display Contest.

   On Jan. 7th, 2000, from 7:15 p.m. to 8:45 p.m, Girl Scouts in the Bothell and Kenmore area will meet at Skyview Jr. High to show off their artsy natures and Beanies. Girls, working individually and in groups, are being encouraged to use their inner creativeness to make displays of Beanies for which ribbons will be given for most creative, best theme, and most colorful.

   The purpose of the event is not only to have fun, but to work on badges, as well. For each age level, there is some sort of badge involving collecting or hobbies. Creating the display is but one requirement to earn one of the badges which girls can wear on their sash or vest.

   Anna Taylor, a Junior Scout in Bothell, is organizing the event. She is working on the Junior Girl Scout collecting badge, for which one requirement is to organize an event or meeting where girls can show off their collections. She chose Beanie Babies due to their popularity, but the badge requirements do not specify any particular collections.

   Anna is the daughter of Jeanna Taylor, Girl Scout Service Unit Manager of Bothell and Kenmore. Anna has set up the event herself, including setting up use of Skyview's lunch room, making flyers, announcing the event at volunteer meetings, and recruiting judges for the displays.