Northwest NEWS

December 20, 1999

Local News

Police Beat

   Dec. 14: The owner of a Woodinville business reported that his company van had been stolen from the lot of a Woodinville tire company, in the 13000 block of NE 175th St., sometime between Nov. 3-22. The owner was waiting for the tire company to make electrical wiring repairs to the little-used van. On Dec. 13, the owner received a call from Quality Tow in Kirkland, telling him they were putting the van up for auction, due to the high unpaid towing and storage bill. The owner asked them if they towed the van from the tire company. They said they towed it from the Redmond Arco station on Nov. 22. The tire company told the owner they had no idea who had picked up the van, but that they closed the bill on Nov. 3, when they found it missing. The owner told police he had given no one permission to move the van from the tire company.

   Dec. 16: A 32-year-old female was arrested at 8:18 p.m. in Shirley's Bar for attempted robbery of the Woodgate dry cleaning facility where the woman had pointed at something she held under her sweatshirt, told the cleaner's owner that she was robbing him, and told him to give him all the money in his cash register. He said it was empty. She then told him to give her his wallet. He said he didn't have a wallet. She turned and fled on foot. MPO Hoag and Officer Rozsnafszky responded to the 7:55 report, took a description from the cleaner's owner, and went to Shirley's to ask the bartender if a white woman had recently come in. He pointed to a woman who had left for a few minutes, then returned. The officers asked the woman outside, then called the cleaner's two owners to the scene, where they identified the woman as the robber. She was booked into King County Jail.